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Underground cables are known of their high safety factor, and they are commonly used inside the cities and urban areas. Al-Namaa Foundation has an excellent experience in installing and uninstalling all types of underground cables taking into consideration all technical requirements (e.g., isolation of the cables), environmental and traffic regulations.

Relaying on its know-how and references Al-Namaa foundation is considered as a market leader in Egypt. Al-Namaa Foundation is capable of accomplishing any excavation works either open or tunneled. Al-Namaa Foundation has a very modern machinery and a team of experts in performing all excavation types and installation works of underground cables.


Refence projects executed by Al-Namaa Foundation in the last 10 years:

1-The name of the project / the process of carrying out excavation and laying of 66 kV cables as well as the optical fiber cables needed to connect the Al Salam metro transformer station to the Al Salam transformer station
The auothirty/ Giza Cables Industry GC3

2- The name of the project / the process of installing the ground cables, a section of 1 * 1200 mm2, of the type XLPE, copper, lead sheathed, and the optical fiber cables required to connect the transformer station of the Nasser facility, voltage 220/66 kV to the electrical network of 66 kV.
The authority / Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company, Cairo area

3- – Project name / implementation of installation works for 66 KV underground cables as well as optical fiber cables for the project of connecting New Cairo Transformer Station to Rehab Transformer Station

4- Project name / Supply and installation of ground cables, segment 1 * 800 mm2, voltage of 66 KV of type XLPE with its accessories and optical fiber cables with a turnkey system necessary to connect Ain Al Sira / Azhar transformer station No. (1,2) to the electrical network of 66 KV F
– The authority / the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company, sector – central projects

5- Project name / cable pulling, 66 kV, sector 1 * 400 mm2 copper, XLPE lead sheathed, at the bottom of the new Suez Canal, in addition to digging and laying cables of 250 m length to connect the two transformer stations of Abu Sultan and East Lakes, voltage 66/220 K v
The authority/ Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company – Canal Zone

6- Project name/Supply and installation of double-circuit 66 KV underground cables, 1 * 630 mm2 section, copper lead casing and complete optical fiber cables with their accessories to connect the North Cairo transformer station of 66/220 KV to the 66 KV petroleum refining transformer station with a delivery system turn key
The auothrity / the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company – Cairo area