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Since its establishment in 2010 AL-Namaa Foundation has been very interested in the overhead power lines, because of their economic cost and their long dedivciable life. Moreover, these lines are easy to maintain and can afford extra loads during the project life cycle very well.

Al-Namaa foundation has been able to execute all of its overhead power line projects in time, within budget and in compliance with all technical specifications. Al-Namaa Foundation is very proud of its professional team and its know-how, that enable it to carry out any types of overhead power lines (up to 500 K.V).

Refence projects executed by Al-Namaa Foundation in the last 10 years:

1- The project of modifying part of the electrical line Al-Muneef / Al-Raswa, voltage of 220 kV, due to its opposition to the construction of the bridge in the roundabout of the city of Qantara West..

– The point of reference / Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company – Canal Electricity Zone

2–The project of modifying the route of the existing Abu Tartour / Balat 220 kV line to enter the Balat transformer station
The authority / the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company – Central Egypt.

3- Project of modifying the lines inconsistent with the electric train route (LRT) New Cairo / Gulf of Suez and Suez 2 / Badr effort 220/66 kV
The authority / Giza Integrated Solutions Company

4- The project of modifying part of the route of the Zagazig / Harya electric line, with a voltage of 66 kV, to the ground cables in the opposing part of the implementation of the Shroueda bridge
The authority / Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company – West Canal Projects Sector